• Summer research underway

    Summer research underway

    Tata Center students, faculty, and staff travel to India. More on this summer's highlights →

  • VIDEO: Engaging Communities

    VIDEO: Engaging Communities

    Community interaction always yields surprises, from unexpected insights to impromptu serenades. Check out the video and more →

  • Tata Center team wins Vodafone grant for wireless innovation

    Tata Center team wins Vodafone grant for wireless innovation

    Mobile Stethoscope Diagnostics project aids rural health workers in accurately diagnosing lung sounds. Story on MIT News →

  • Wright takes clean drinking water off the grid

    Wright takes clean drinking water off the grid

    Tata Fellow pioneers village-scale water desalination in rural India. Learn more about Natasha's work →

  • Architects tackle housing challenges

    Architects tackle housing challenges

    Three Tata Center projects approach different aspects of India's informal housing ecosystem Get the full story →

+ Our focus areas


Improving food security and the livelihood of the agricultural workforce through technology, systems, and knowledge.


Addressing the developing world’s massive disparity in energy demand and availability, from sustainable energy production to isolated power grids.


Confronting India’s primary environmental challenges, including waste management, pollution control, and sanitation.


Developing cost-effective health solutions that can support quality care for large numbers of people with limited resources.


Providing solutions for housing India’s growing urban population while emphasizing safety and affordability.


Analyzing water issues and deploying technology to improve availability, delivery, and cleanliness of water throughout India and the developing world.