“Develop great people and they’ll do great things”

Nevan Hanumara helps welcome Khorana and Bose Scholars to the US, urges them to tackle societal issues

nevan hanumara

On Friday the Indian Consulate in Chicago hosted the annual orientation of the Khorana and Bose Scholars, programs that develop research leaders in the US and India through two-way exchange. Dr. Nevan Hanumara of the MIT Tata Center was among the representatives on hand to greet these students, many of whom were traveling outside of India for the first time.

The Chicago Tribune writes that the Khorana and Bose Scholars are young Indians chosen for a program “designed to spark the imaginations and broaden intellectual horizons. 100 Indian students in their final year of undergraduate studies were selected…and will spend 10 weeks at nearly 30 leading US universities, including Harvard, Stanford, MIT, [and] Caltech.”

In his remarks, Hanumara told the Scholars that “it is crystal clear that you are the future of your nation.”

He adds, “I felt privileged to meet these Scholars. They represent a new face and vision of a rapidly progressing India, quite different from the country that my father left permanently in 1961.”

“Programs like these, our Tata Center at MIT, our sister Tata Centre at IIT Bombay, and others are an opportunity to develop not just solutions for India’s growth, but the human capital that will be change agents in India.”

“The most dangerous phrase in the world is ‘It’s not possible.’ Develop great people and they’ll do great things.”

Prof. Ansari of the University of Wisconsin-Madison hosts the Indian scholars through his organization Winstep Forward.

Full story in the Chicago Tribune

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Speakers, Indian diplomats, and officials gathered at the Indian Consulate in Chicago to welcome young Khorana and Bose Scholars to the United States. Dr. Nevan Hanumara is back row center.

Photos courtesy of Winstep Forward