Nevan Hanumara / Research Scientist of Mechanical Engineering


Primary healthcare in rural areas


Aikaterini Mantzavinou
Niccolò Pignatelli
Deepak Subramani
Malvika Verma



Dr. Nevan Hanumara is Program Manager for the MIT Tata Center for Technology and Design and a Research Scientist in the MIT Mechanical Engineering department’s Precision Engineering Research Group.

Dr. Hanumara focuses on mechanical design and human factors and he works with clinicians and to develop medical device solutions to interventional challenges. He has hands-on prototyping, testing and project management expertise. Nevan has extensive experience teaching mechanical and medical device design and working internationally. He supports entrepreneurship as a mechanism for technology commercialization.

2012 PhD MIT Mechanical Engineering
2006 MS MIT Mechanical Engineering
2004 BS Mechanical Engineering & BA French, University of Rhode Island

Skills: Mechanical design, medical devices, product design, human factors, mechanical hardware fabrication & sourcing, prototyping & testing, SolidWorks, apple pie baking.