Another side of Muzaffarnagar

In the wake of violence, a vibrant industrial city looks to change its reputation, and the lives of its residents, for the better.

Muzaffarnagar is a hub of industry in Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous state — a place of factories, mills, and sugarcane fields, welcoming to visitors but struggling with divides in its own community.

In 2013, tensions between some factions of the city’s Muslim and Hindu populations exploded into a horrific month-long series of riots. This episode of violence and bloodshed rocked India, and continues to define Muzaffarnagar’s reputation in the national media.

However, there is much more to the city, and Pankaj Aggarwal, City Chairman and businessman, wants the world to know. In this video, he talks about the special relationship that Muzaffarnagar has developed with the MIT Tata Center, takes an optimistic view of the future, and shows the city in all its chaotic, gritty glory.

Projects highlighted

Wastewater Treatment of Black Liquor

eco-BLAC Bricks: Masonry from Industrial Waste

Pyrolysis of Plastic Waste

Urban Waste Management