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khethworks modi san jose

Khethworks team meet India PM Modi

Katie Taylor, CEO of Khethworks and Society of Tata Fellows member, shared her research with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

tata center symposium 15

Bringing MIT and India closer together

Tata Center Annual Symposium explores many pathways for MIT research to have an impact in India.

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  • Society of Fellows Induction, 2016. June 2nd. RSVP (Invite only)
  • New Tata Fellow Orientation – Mumbai, India – August 5-11, 2016

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The Society of Tata Fellows is a global community of scholars, engineers, and entrepreneurs emerging from the Tata Center for Technology and Design at MIT. All members of the Society have completed a Tata Fellowship, either as a graduate student or postdoctoral associate, and while their talents, interests, and accomplishments span many fields, each has made a meaningful and lasting contribution to the Tata Center’s mission. The Society is dedicated to their continuing success and collegiality.

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