Solar desalination tech hits the ground in India

Natasha Wright discusses her team’s solar desalination pilot in India on Global Waters Radio.

Tata Fellow Natasha Wright went on USAID’s Global Waters Radio podcast to talk about the off-grid, solar-powered water desalination system her team is piloting in India.

Wright and her advisor, Assistant Professor Amos Winter, have created a desalination system that uses electrodialysis to remove salt and other contaminants from brackish groundwater. The system is also energy-efficient and can be powered by solar panels, making it a great fit for villages with intermittent or no access to the main grid.

“The prospects for this technology in India are huge – approximately 60% of the land area of India has brackish water underneath,” Wright said in the interview.

Wright and Winter recently conducted a pilot of the system in Jalgaon, India, with their collaborators at Jain Irrigation.

“With a large company like Jain,” Wright said, “we were able to pull together our system quickly working with the specialists they have.”