April 6: Emily Rosenbaum of Akshaya Patra USA

A discussion on the challenges of scaling up a program that serves mid-day meals to 1.4 million children in India.

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WHEN: April 6, 4 PM
WHERE: Tang Center, E51-325

Emily Rosenbaum, CEO of Akshaya Patra USA, will speak at the Tata Center about how her organization scaled up a program that now serves school lunches to 1.4 million children in India, with a goal of reaching 5 million children by 2020.

The Akshaya Patra Foundation’s mission is that “No child shall be deprived of education because of hunger.” What social, political, and economic hurdles stand in the way of reaching this goal? Join us April 6th to find out.

About Emily Rosenbaum

Emily Rosenbaum is the CEO of Akshaya Patra Foundation USA, the US-based fundraising arm of Akshaya Patra. Since her appointment in September 2013, Emily has grown the organization’s footprint in the US and launched a Youth Ambassador program for young activists to spread awareness about the work of Akshaya Patra and help build a worldwide movement. In July 2014, she also organized the very successful visit by President Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation to the Akshaya Patra Jaipur kitchen, a highlight of their 8 day trip across Asia. Prior to joining Akshaya Patra, Emily led community development organizations specializing in transformative resident leadership and neighborhood redevelopment. She holds an M.P.A. from the Wagner School of Public Service at NYU and a B.A. from Vassar College and has played a key role in various social change organizations throughout her career, since 1981. Emily first got involved with Akshaya Patra as a donor, inspired by the efficiency, scale, and impact of the organization after a Deshpande Foundation-sponsored visit to the Hubli Kitchen in Karnataka, India.