March 30: See 40+ Tata Center research projects

The entire MIT community is invited to check out Tata Center projects in person.


WHEN: Wednesday, March 30, 5:30 – 7 PM
WHERE: Stata Center 1st floor, Vest Student Street

As the MIT Tata Center completes its fourth year, we invite MIT faculty, students, researchers, and staff (as well as interested parties outside of MIT) to a poster session featuring all of our 40+ research projects in India and the developing world.

This is an opportunity to meet current Tata Fellows and their advisors, and to celebrate our outstanding portfolio of projects. No RSVP necessary – we hope you’ll be able to stop by!

About Tata Center Projects

Our projects take MIT research beyond the lab, seeking high-impact in resource-constrained communities in the developing world. Tata Center projects span six focus areas: agriculture, energy, environment, health, housing, and water. We work with on-the-ground collaborators and communities to implement sustainable, appropriate solutions to challenges across these domains. Our affiliated students and faculty are engineers, scientists, architects, designers, and entrepreneurs from across MIT.

The Tata Center has produced companies like Khethworks, which creates solar-powered irrigation systems for farmers, and NGOs like Tracing Public Space, which helps informal settlements take control of, and transform, their environments. A startup called GridForm is designing and building microgrids to electrify rural villages, while NaviChem is converting unmanaged organic waste into valuable chemicals and fuels.

This poster session is a chance to see the next generation of innovative projects.

Learn more at our Project Hub.