World Water Day: What impact do you want to make?

Find out what MIT researchers want for the future of water in India, the US, and everywhere.

March 22nd is the UN’s World Water Day. And to paraphrase Gandhi, our water researchers are trying to be the change they want to see in our world’s water systems. They hail from departments around MIT and are tackling a wide variety of challenges in the water domain. So, to mark the occasion, we asked them to answer one question:

What impact do you want to make on water access and sustainability?

We posted their responses throughout the day on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. Now we’re collecting then all here – check out the links at the bottom to learn more about their projects!

Wescoat WWDay

Novellino WWDay

midstokke wwday

hui wwday

wright wwday

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• Professor James Wescoat and his team are envisioning the future of water for 900 million people.

• Assistant Professor Amos Winter and Tata Fellow Natasha Wright are using solar energy and electrodialysis to increase clean water access at village scale.

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