October 27: Innovating for Billions & Kumbh@MIT

Event will seek solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems.

kumbh sadhu

Emerging Worlds is an initiative by MIT Media Lab focused on opportunities to use innovation to solve big problems and pressing challenges in areas such as health, education, financial inclusion, energy and environment, food and agriculture, housing, transportation, beauty and self-esteem, local business and more, in Indian and other Emerging Worlds.

About the Event:

Innovating for Billion is a 2 day event where you will have the opportunity to:

  • Join the tour of Innovation hubs across the city of Boston on Oct 26th
  • Participate in a workshop on Oct 27th. Roll up your sleeves with other participants as the MIT Media Lab team leads an innovation exercise to “spot” and “probe” on exciting Emerging Worlds challenges.
  • Attend an interactive session with innovators and government officials from Nashik. We will discuss the Emerging Worlds platform and innovations during the Kumbh Mela, a pop-up city that attracted an estimated 30 million visitors in August and September.
  • Bring colleagues from your organization interested in the Emerging Worlds innovations and sandboxes to share the experience.



MIT Media Lab, Lecture Hall – 6th Floor
75 Amherst Street, Building E14, Cambridge, MA 02139

Register for the Event:

As we celebrate the 30th anniversary at the MIT Media Lab we look to entrepreneurs, change makers, corporates, and innovators to help define the future of tech in the emerging world. If you have already been in touch with Maggie Church, your attendance is confirmed. We look forward to seeing you!

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Register for Oct 26 Innovation Field Trips

Register for Oct 27 Innovating for Billions (morning session)

The Oct 27 Emerging Worlds Meeting (afternoon session) is invite only. Contact Maggie Church for more information: mdchurch@media.mit.edu