Olivetti among MIT’s ‘most impressive professors’

Tata Center and DMSE faculty is a pioneer for reducing carbon emissions.


This story appears on Business Insider.

Elsa Olivetti was once a postdoctoral associate in the Tata Center. Now she’s not only an assistant professor at MIT, but one of the Institute’s brightest stars according to Business Insider.

Olivetti was named to a list of 12 of MIT’s ‘most impressive professors’ by the global business and economics publication, which also rated MIT the best college in America.

“Dr. Olivetti teaches courses closely related to her research in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at MIT, where she earned her PhD in 2007.

“She’s working on developing a model that combines cost and environmental data to help producers choose materials and methods for cutting emissions – a huge task in sustainability efforts.

“Since 2006, she’s worked as a research scientist at MIT’s Material Systems Lab where her research team made international news when they concluded that more than two-thirds of the carbon dioxide emissions generated by making running shoes arise during the manufacturing process.”

Olivetti is now overseeing the Tata Center’s Eco-BLAC Brick project, which aims to reduce the carbon emissions associated with traditional brickmaking in India, as well as the landfilling done by factories and mills.