Summer research underway in India

Tata Center researchers fan out across the sub-continent to advance their projects.

tata fellows in india

From mega-urban Mumbai and Delhi to the vast deserts of Gujarat and Rajasthan, from rural Bihar to stately Hyderabad, there’s virtually no corner of India where you won’t find students, faculty, and staff from the MIT Tata Center this summer.

Highlighting this summer’s research activities will be Orientation for new Tata Fellows at IIT Bombay – a five day crash course on India and its many challenges and opportunities. Tata Fellows from both MIT and IITB, as well as faculty and staff, will be on hand to discuss their research, explore parts of Mumbai, including Dharavi, one of Asia’s largest informal settlements, and take a field trip to the hill station of Mahabaleshwar.

On August 13th in New Delhi, the Tata Center will co-host a conference titled “Grand Challenges in Agriculture” at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute. With the plight of India’s millions of small farmers currently playing a central role in the nation’s political discourse, this meeting of minds in the capitol city couldn’t come at a better time. The Tata Center Agriculture Team has already been engaged with issues like soil health for over a year.

Meanwhile, almost 60 Fellows and an equal number of faculty and staff will be spread out across India working on their projects, which are at various stages of development. Many are launching pilots and testing the waters of commercialization, others are in prototype phase, and some are just beginning.

We’ll bring you stories, photos, and videos from a variety of projects–and a variety of locales across India–over the next few months, so stay tuned.

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Photo courtesy of Ellen Huang/MIT Tata Center