Nepal Earthquake: How the MIT community can help

The Nepali Students Association seeks donations, expertise to aid relief efforts.


As everyone knows by now, a catastrophic 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal on April 25th. Tata Center research scientist (and native Nepali) Reja Amatya is helping coordinate a relief effort at MIT. Here is her statement:

“Major parts of the capital city Kathmandu (where my family lives) and other cities around have been destroyed by this earthquake. The rural areas have been hit even harder, where the relief effort has not reached yet. There have been more than 5000 deaths and countless injuries, and the tolls are rising by the minute. The loss of property, infrastructure and national cultural heritage is immeasurable.

“In this difficult situation, we really appreciate the overwhelming desire from the MIT community to help. The Nepali Student association at MIT (MITeri) is partnering with Help Nepal Network (a US based NGO that has worked for the country since 1999) for a fundraiser to help the humanitarian effort. Please consider visiting the following website for more information about how you can help the country in this dire time.”

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Photos by Lokesh Todi, via Facebook.