Tata Center Fellows and Staff travel to India for January fieldwork

Over 60 students, faculty, and staff members affiliated with the MIT Tata Center will spend their IAP on the Indian subcontinent conducting research

January at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is synonymous with the Independent Activities Period, or IAP. Beginning today, the 5th, and continuing through the end of the month, the entire MIT community has a chance to pursue activities and interests beyond their usual coursework.

At the Tata Center, IAP represents one of the most important times of the year. Fellows, Faculty, and Staff travel to India to do fieldwork, test prototypes, conduct case studies, and meet with local partners. This on-the-ground research is crucial to a productive Spring semester in labs and classrooms at MIT.

Tata Center projects are spread across the country, from the major metropolises of Mumbai and Delhi to industrial centers such as Jamshedpur, Muzaffarnagar, and Ahmedabad. Meanwhile, many projects focus on serving the massive population in India’s countless smaller cities and villages.

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