Next‐generation electrochemical system for water treatment in rural communities


Project Summary:

  1. A modular, electrochemical  water  purification  unit  that  utilizes  redox-active  electrodes to  remove organic contaminants and salts from polluted streams.
  2. High-quality, low-cost system powered by renewable energy providing potable water to communities in need.


Currently, a tenth of the global population lacks access to safe drinking water. There is, therefore, a need to invest in new water treatment technologies that are low‐cost and low‐energy‐consumption to make clean water  accessible to resource constrained communities. We propose to develop a modular, electrochemical water purification  unit that utilizes redox-active electrodes to remove organic contaminants and salts from polluted streams and treat the waste stream that can be powered by renewable energy sources. Our goal is to deliver a system that achieves significant performance and cost improvement compared to existing treatment systems, providing potable water to communities in need.