Sidhant Pai

Sidhant Pai


Sidhant is a PhD student studying Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry with the Heald group at MIT. His research uses computational models and statistical techniques (in conjunction with satellite and aircraft measurements) to characterize and quantify air pollution sources over the Indian subcontinent. The broad goal of his project with the Tata center is to work collaboratively with policy makers in India to use scientifically driven insights into aerosol source apportionment to improve air quality in the region.

Sidhant received his bachelor’s degree from MIT in 2014. He is interested in the development and scaling of technological solutions for social impact and has previous experience working on grassroots technology projects in the developing world. Prior to starting graduate school, he co-founded and managed a social enterprise in India called Protoprint (www.protoprint.in) and a non-profit called Social Seva (www.socialseva.org).

When he’s not working on his code, Sidhant enjoys hiking, reading, playing pick-up basketball and grabbing a casual beer at his favorite bar.