Santosh Shanbhogue

Santosh is a Research Scientist in Mechanical Engineering at MIT. He does research on topics related to Energy, Environment, and Waste at the Tata Center, and his interests in these areas span from fundamental scientific investigations at the process level, design of pilot scale systems at the engineering level, to analysis of India’s energy and environment at the policy level.

His prior and current research focuses on syngas, oxy-fuel & natural gas combustion, turbulence & combustion dynamics, optical diagnostics for reacting flows applicable to gas-turbines, afterburners, hybrid-solar systems, combustors for carbon capture and biomass reforming.

Santosh has degrees from IIT Madras (B. Tech ‘2003) and from Georgia Institute of Institute of Technology, Atlanta (MS ‘2005 and PhD ‘2008) all in Aerospace Engineering.

Outside the lab Santosh enjoys cooking north-Indian and Italian cuisine, bread-making, learning foreign languages, traveling, biking and all aspects of computers.