Michael Bono

Michael Bono is a Postdoctoral Associate co-advised by Prof. Rohit Karnik and Prof. John Hart. For his own research, he is focusing on the development of low-cost soil and water sensors.

Michael completed his PhD at Cornell University, where he developed a dielectric method to measure algal lipid content for biodiesel production and an NMR-traceable flow cytometry protocol for algal lipid measurement. Previously, he completed his BSME at Union College, where he initiated a project on developing aerogel-based replacements for automotive catalytic converters and served on the planning team for the construction of a LEED-certified building on campus.

Michael is broadly interested in measurement science, material characterization, and the development of sensors for real-world problems in water, agriculture, energy, and the environment. His areas of expertise include microfluidics, analytical chemistry, dielectric spectroscopy, flow cytometry, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), statistical inference, and electrochemistry.