Hilary Johnson

Hilary Johnson


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Hilary is a Master’s candidate in Mechanical Engineering at MIT working with Professor Alex Slocum in the Precision Engineering Research Group (PERG). She received her Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Engineering from Dartmouth College in 2015. Prior to MIT, Hilary worked at the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth as the Design Fellow.

Hilary dives into the confluence of mechanically-minded design and impact-driven problem solving. She is passionate about integrating deterministic and human-centered design philosophies to create radical healthcare systems that push the limits of accessibility, effectiveness and offer preemptive care, especially in developing countries.

Her current research as an MIT Tata Fellow is focused on developing a braille label maker for the blind that is hand-held and language independent, as well as marketed at a price point accessible to low-income blind people in India.

Driven by a love of making, you can often find Hilary tinkering on projects in the machine shop. Otherwise she’s outdoors climbing, mountaineering, hiking or reading in her hammock.


2017: Graduate Science Award Admiral Luis de Florez (’11) Award competition – 3rd place