Tata Fellows want to make a difference. So do you. Let’s work together.

Creating sustainable change at the global, national, and community level doesn’t happen without strong, interdisciplinary collaborations. Collaborators are an essential part of all of our projects, deeply involved with the design, testing, and implementation of the Tata Center’s unique, sustainable solutions to persistent challenges in India and the developing world.

The Tata Center is proud to count some of India’s leading organizations in a variety of fields among its collaborators and supporters, working toward common goals, sharing expertise, resources, and vision.

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If you are an organization, company, or government entity interested in collaborating with Tata Center researchers on a project in the developing world, please contact:

Diane Rigos, Executive Director

To learn more about our active projects, visit our Project Hub.

+ Collaboration in Action: The Deshpande Foundation

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