Roxanne Rahnama / Technology & Policy Program

Roxanne is a Master’s student in the Technology and Policy Program. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Environmental Economics & Policy, with a minor in Global Poverty & Practice from the University of California, Berkeley in Fall 2015.

Prior to MIT, she worked as a research assistant on multiple projects with Professor Edward Miguel at UC Berkeley and Professor Jonas Hjort at Columbia Business School.

Roxanne’s current research involves combining a comprehensive top-down and bottom-up approach to investigating financial, regulatory, socioeconomic, and socio-political bottlenecks to achieving universal access to electricity in India and east Africa. The ultimate objective is to provide specific recommendations for sustainable and integrated energy policy and planning. In particular, she will focus on household and business-level behavioral economic analysis related to issues of reliability and its various intersections with the metric of the ‘cost of non-served energy.’