Richard Fletcher / D-Lab Research Scientist

Dr. Rich Fletcher leads the mobile technology group at MIT D-Lab. Dr. Fletcher has degrees in Physics and Electrical Engineering from MIT, including graduate work in low-cost wireless sensors. Dr. Fletcher spent 5 years as research scientist in the US Air Force, designing microwave devices, antennas, and sensors for military applications, and holds over 15 patents in the area of wireless sensors. Dr. Fletcher has founded multiple small companies, including TagSense, Inc., ( which sells a variety of both active and passive RFID readers, tags and sensors – all designed by Dr. Fletcher – and provided custom sensor design for larger clients such as Motorola, US Postal Service, and NASA. Dr. Fletcher has created a variety of wearable sensors and systems to support mobile health research, some of which are sold commercially ( Dr. Fletcher also builds wearable sensors for non-human primate animal studies as MIT, and also leads sensor efforts for living plants and agriculture at the MIT Media Lab ( as well as D-Lab.