Rebecca Hui / Urban Studies & Planning

Rebecca is a Master’s candidate in Urban Studies. As a Tata Fellow, she is working as a consultant for the government of Maharashtra alongside the World Bank on strategic planning and modeling of rural water supply systems. She envisions the blending of rural and urban into its own category: “Rurban,” in which villagers use local skills and assets rather than migrating into cities.

For the past five years Rebecca has been embracing her passions by exploring India’s rural to urban transition. She began by following cows in her mapping project titled “Life Through the Perspective of a Cow.” This project evolved into a three-year study on city-animal conflict that she undertook as a Fulbright Scholar and National Geographic Young Explorer. She also tracked dogs in Moscow that were riding the metro, and investigated China’s development influence in Africa.

Rebecca is also the CEO and Co-Founder of Roots Studio, an Echoing Green-backed social enterprise connecting rural artisans to U.S. markets through digitization and licensing.

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