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Student Spotlight: Rebecca Hui, Urban Planner

Second-year Tata Fellow on creating change by following cows in Mumbai, driving a bus around West Bengal, and helping rural artisans connect to a global audience.

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Alumni Spotlight: Charlene Ren, Environmental Engineer

Founder of MyH2O talks about “connecting solutions” to map water quality in China.

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Tata Center faculty Sanjay Sarma plays a vital role in expanding innovation among government leaders in the United Arab Emirates

MIT Professional Education and the Mohammed Bin Rashid Center for Government Innovation collaborate on a series of educational workshops.

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Tata Fellows win MIT Mechanical Engineering research and design awards

Tata Fellows Katy Olesnavage and Pulkit Shamshery received the De florez awards for demonstrating “outstanding ingenuity and creative judgement” in areas that utilize mechanical engineering knowledge or practice.

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Student Spotlight: Richard Swartwout, Electrical Engineer

Traveling to India sparks a personal and professional revelation for first-year Tata Fellow.

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How Akshaya Patra feeds millions of kids in India every day

In visit to MIT, Emily Rosenbaum, CEO of Akshaya Patra USA, talks about the mission to boost education in India through food.

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Student Spotlight: Hugh Magee, Architect

First-year Tata Fellow wants to use architecture and design to strengthen vulnerable communities around the world.

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Student Spotlight: Emma Nelson, Mechanical Engineer

First year Tata Fellow reflects on “quite a journey” as she tackles design of low-income housing, learning new cultures and new concepts.

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Around MIT: Week of March 14th – March 28th, 2016

Events for anyone interested in developing countries, energy, entrepreneurship, innovation, and healthcare.

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Upcoming events: 29th February – 11th March 2016

Events for anyone interested in energy, entrepreneurship, innovation, and healthcare.

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